Insight for Your Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory Focus
The challenges facing the post-acute care industry are escalating at a significant pace. Navigating and keeping current in the ever-demanding regulatory environment is challenging and time consuming, but also pivotal to ongoing success. Pathway Health is your lifeline and can assist in keeping you afloat.
We also provide unbiased reviews of your current operations and compliance performance for audit and survey preparedness.

Regulatory Preparedness Services

Pre-Survey Preparation

    • Standard/traditional and QIS preparation
    • Quality improvement
    • Onsite assistance during survey
    • Mock survey (full or focused) – traditional and QIS
    • Immediate Jeopardy assistance
    • Focused clinical system reviews
    • Key Performance Metric assessment

Quality Improvement Assistance 

    • Root Cause Analysis process review
    • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) services
    • Quality measures and five-star analysis and improvement
    • Corporate compliance program review and validation
    • Clinical and quality assistance with acquisition management

Regulatory Response Services

Post-Survey Response

    • Plan of Correction assistance
    • Plan of Correction templates, audit tools and more
    • Directed Plan of Correction assistance
    • Special Focus Facility assistance
    • Litigation review and testimony
    • Monitor and receivership assistance
    • ZPIC/RAC response
    • OIG response

Quality Turn Around Response 

    • Statement of Deficiency assistance
    • Root Cause Analysis of repeat clinical quality concerns
    • Action Plan creation
    • Policy and procedure review, edit, replace
    • Clinical system implementation
    • Staff training
    • Leadership mentoring
    • Enforcement remedy mediation and assistance
    • Monitoring after system implementation
    • Assistance with state or federal Directed Plans of Correction, System Improvement Agreements (SIA) and Special Focus Facility designation.

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