Pathway Health’s Insight Will Help Your Team Spring Forward!

The Pathway Health expert team is providing insight and expertise during events throughout month. What a great time to connect with our experts.

March 8
The Pathway Health team will be attending Region 1 Directors of Nursing training in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Be sure to attend “Beyond the Basics of: 5 Star, QMs, Falls Prevention and Programming,” presented by Louann Lawson, B.A., R.N., R.A.C.-C.T., AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer and Nurse Consultant/Clinical Reimbursement Team Leader for Pathway Health.

March 8-9
During the LeadingAge Oklahoma 2016 Institute and Expo, Leah M. Killian-Smith, BA, NHA, RHIA, Director of Quality Assurance & Government Services for Pathway Health,

will give two presentations. The first, “Top 10 Deficiencies,” will be at 3:15 pm and tomorrow at 8:30 am, she will present “QAPI for Nurses.” If you are attending, make sure you say hello!

March 10
Pathway Health will be speaking during two conferences today:

  • Susan LaGrange, Director of Education will present multiple sessions during Michigan NADONA/LTC – RN Boot Camp, Part A, at the Hyatt Place in Lansing, MI.

March 23
Karolee Alexander, RN, RAC-CT, Director of Reimbursement and Clinical Consulting, will be sharing her insight during the North Dakota NADONA/LTC 22nd Annual Conference – Making a Difference One Leader at a Time. Make sure you attend her session, “Reimbursement, MDS and Quality.”

March 29
Are you attending the Iowa Health Care Association Spring Quarterly Education Conference? Chris Ostenberg will give two presentations at this meeting. The first, “Medication and Antipsychotic Management,” will be from 2:15-3:45pm. The second, “Using QAPI to Reduce Hospitalizations,” will be from 4-5:30pm.

March 29
Karolee Alexander will present to Northeast WI DON Council in Green Bay, Wisconsin about the latest information regarding MDS Focus Surveys.


Online and In Person Training
Set your clocks to get ready to spring forward with knowledge. Check out just a few opportunities.

March 9
Lisa Thomson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, is proud to present a McKesson webinar about “Surviving and Thriving with Bundled Payments.”

Also on this day, we will host a Fireside Education session about infection prevention. This session is called “Infection Prevention and Control: Key Strategies to Tune-Up Our System!” Check out more sessions at

March 10
We will host a webinar about “Key Operational Strategies for Transitions of Care.”

In addition, Karolee Alexander, Director of Reimbursement and Clinical Consulting will present for LeadingAge Washington members, “What Every DON Needs to Know About Medicare.”

We will also be hosting a Fireside Education session called “Getting the Most Out of Your Restorative Nursing Program.”

March 11
Karolee Alexander will host a Fireside Education session titled, “The New World of Managed Care: Creating Operational Strategies for Success.” Make a springtime resolution to keep up-to-date on industry information by attending a Pathway Health training. Learn more at

March 15
Karolee Alexander is proud to present to Wisconsin Health Care Association members on F-323 (Accidents and Supervision) from 1-2pm.

Also on this day, Colleen Toebe, Master Trainer AANAC, DON and Pathway Health Consultant will lead AANAC 3-day training for LeadingAge Michigan members.

March 17
Leah Killian-Smith, Director of Quality Assurance & Government Services for Pathway Health will present a Leader’s Forum session: “ICD Coding Leader’s Forum: A New Lesson Plan!” Register here.

Also on this day, Karolee Alexander speak to LeadingAge Indiana members about Falls, Accident, and QAPI.

March 22
Louann Lawson complete INTERACT 4.0 one-day training for LeadingAge Michigan.

We are kicking off “MDS 3.0 Basics: The Fundamentals of the RAI Process and MDS Coding” two-day training in White Bear Lake.

March 23
Chris Ostenberg will be in Westmont, IL to complete INTERACT Certified Champion 4.0 training. Have you registered?

March 24
You don’t want to miss Colleen Toebe’s webinar presentation, “Are YOU Ready for the IMPACT Act?” Register here.

March 29 – 31
Cindy Perrault in White Bear Lake will be present – AANAC RESIDENT ASSESSMENT COORDINATOR – CERTIFIED (RAC-CT®) CERTIFICATION training.