Celebrating the Leadership Heroes of Long-Term Care

The weather is an analogy that fits well the current environment of senior care. We are living through a storm called the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has been extremely challenging. I have seen colleagues work harder than they ever have to protect their residents and staff, and, at times, that was not enough.

Real leadership rises to the occasion during difficult times and provides hope to those around them. The energy this has taken has been monumental and, at the same time, awe-inspiring to those of us deeply invested in this profession.

Well, we can probably now say that although it is not over and “still raining hard” in each of our corners of the world, that ray of hope is growing stronger. For many of us, our communities and the public understand a bit better how important our efforts are to serve the deserving frail seniors entrusted to our care.

In many of my conversations with people outside of our usual circle of senior care colleagues, there is a deeper appreciation of the heroic work efforts and energy we have had to draw upon to battle through this unprecedented time. For many of us, we are starting to experience a few “cloudy only” days that offer a bit of a reprieve that helps us recharge a bit.

The senior care field has also been forced into the limelight and required to share both our struggles transparently, and yes, our successes as well.

Caring, Always.
A couple of new epiphanies that we can draw strength from is that people better understand that we care a great deal about what we do. They have seen management teams pull together and work as a force to do whatever needs to be done for both residents and staff. It has also been crystal clear that the public understands that we are invested in the business of relationships. We have people throughout our organizations that deeply care about what they do for the people we serve.

This is Long Term Care Administrators Week and a great time to let the sun come out and shine a bit on you and each other. You are leading organizations that value both the dignity and relationships with seniors and others that need us. Many of you are also developing some of the future leadership heroes that will lead organizations, and thus, are helping pass on the baton of senior care leadership.

Your extraordinary efforts this past year are appreciated and respected.

Thank you for your herculean service in this noble profession. Know that you are one of the shining examples of what makes this field so valuable in this world we live in.

Often people will say, how you treat your elders is the true measure of a culture. You are special people called to do special things every day. Thank you for your shining example of service to our country.

Douglas Olson, Ph.D., MBA, NHA, FACHCA
Senior Advisor