Embracing INTERACT™ QIP for Infection Prevention and Control!

Active implementation of the INTERACT™ Quality Improvement Program (QIP) can be extremely helpful during this Pandemic with COVID-19 and other potential infections. As we all know, we are operating in extraordinary times and have had the ups and downs of resource challenges. Having systems that are user-friendly, meaningful and revolve around best practices are essential for quality and compliance.

The INTERACT™ QIP provides resources that are directly related to Infection Control. Some excellent examples include:

  • The INTERACT® Stop and Watch Early Warning Tool can assist in early identification and communication of a change in condition (including potential infection concerns)
  • The INTERACT® SBAR Communication Form and Progress Notes for RNs/LPN/LVNs provides a great tool to organize the assessment/evaluation of the resident in order to communicate appropriate and thorough information regarding the change of condition to the clinician. This user-friendly form is very organized and verifies your assessment and documentation.
  • The INTERACT® Care Paths provide guidance in evaluating specific symptoms, including several related to infection such as Symptoms of UTI, Lower Respiratory Illness, GI Symptoms, Fever and more.
  • The INTERACT® Advance Planning Tools provide guides for communication, education and care choices, which are even more important today during a Pandemic, than ever before.
  • The INTERACT® Guidance on Possible Infection provides guidance based upon clinically sound criteria that facilities can use when communicating with clinicians with changes of condition.
  • The INTERACT® Guidance on Possible Sepsis is another resource that defines Sepsis and provides recommendations for residents with suspected or confirmed infection and possible sepsis.

Today more than ever, it is important to explore resources that are both meaningful AND user-friendly in order to guide your change of condition, assessment, communication and management for quality, including for residents with actual or potential infections.

Learn more about the entire INTERACT™ QIP, tools and resources, background and educational opportunities at:

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Susan LaGrange, RN, BSN, NHA, CDONA™, FACDONA, CIMT, IP-BC™ – Chief Nursing Officer