Greet the Season of Love With a Healthy Heart

By the time you read this blog, two to four Americans will have passed away from cardiovascular disease. This year for American Heart Month, we want to shed a light on the current statistics regarding the health of our hearts.

A report compiled by the American Heart Association states that the underlying cause for one of every three deaths in America is due to cardiovascular diseases; that’s roughly 830,000 people a year.

The average age of someone experiencing their first heart attack is 65 for men and 71 for women. This number hits close to home for Pathway Health, as many of our educational trainers and leadership specialize in the nursing and administration of long-term care facilities. We have such a loving staff; they are the real “heartbeat” of Pathway Health’s reputation for quality caregiving.

Gift your Valentine this year with a healthy heart. Here are a few practices to benefit the health of your heart you can implement this February:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Limit alcohol usage
  • Take your medicine
  • Stop or reduce smoking
  • Exercise regularly

Learn more about the issue and gain life-saving knowledge about congestive heart disease with Pathway Health’s Congestive Heart Failure QuickPATH. Stay informed of other educational opportunities through social media and our blog.