Pathway Perspectives: 2020 Leadershifts


Change. A new decade…new reality! Everything we read, hear and talk about in post-acute care is change. So how does a leader do more than just hang on and survive in this ever-changing, fast-moving environment? The key is to learn how to make ongoing leadershifts.”1

“You cannot be the same, think the same and act the same if you hope to be successful in a world that does not remain the same.”-John C. Maxwell.

Maxwell identifies the following leadershifts to achieve personal and organizational growth:

The Focus Shift – Soloist to Conductor: Great leaders used to be top producers. Tomorrow’s leaders need to orchestrate groups.

The Personal Development Shift – Goals to Growth: Goals help you do better but growth lets you become better. Leaders are growth oriented.

The Cost Shift – Perks to Price: Great leaders don’t think about what they can get. They’re focused on what they can give.

The Relational Shift – Pleasing People to Challenging People: You cannot lead people if you need them. Great leaders challenge their teams to do better all the time.

The Abundance Shift – Maintaining toCreating: Have the mindset you want to move things forward rather than standing still. Be a creator.

The Reproduction Shift – Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building: Forget about ladder climbing. Help others build and ascend their own ladders. Be an equipper.

The Communication Shift – Directing to Connecting: Great leaders don’t order people around. They connect, influence and help people.

The Improvement Shift – Team Uniformity to Team Diversity: Great leaders value diversity highly. Do everything you can to bring people into your teams who are different.

The Influence Shift – Positional Authority to Moral Authority: A leadership position does not give you leadership authority. You have to earn moral authority.

The Impact Shift – Trained Leaders to Transformational Leaders: Don’t settle for being a trained leader. Become a transformational leader who inspires change.

The Passion Shift – Career to Calling: Don’t look at leadership as a career. Make it your calling. Find your purpose and you’ll never look back.



What is your leadershift vision for 2020? As health care leaders we must evaluate, plan and implement strategies and operational processes to exceed the expectations of today’s environment and position for the future. We need to leadershift in order to positively enhance personal and organizational growth. Consider the following:

Shift – Knowledge and clear understanding of the regulatory, reimbursement and quality measurement changes and their defined impact on your organization is key to determining the foundation for actions needed within our organization.

How – Consider how an initiative will move our organization forward. Challenge your team to determine the systems, processes, services, and resources needed, refined or changed due to the reimbursement, regulatory and quality changes throughout 2020, and beyond.

Information – In order to inspire change, arm your team with information. Review current organization data and the confidential reports from CMS. Align your current data outcomes with the proposed changes. Additionally, identify organization trends, variances, spikes in outcomes and the current impact to clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Formulate – Based upon your review of the upcoming changes, organization readiness and key data insights, develop an action plan with your team. Determine priorities that immediate (which will have a serious and immediate negative impact) vs. important (that which needs to be accomplished to support personal and organizational success).

Team – Be a transformational leader who challenges your team. Make an impact by bringing together people who have different perspectives. Equip others to find purpose in all they do.


With the health care environment increasing in complexity and transforming the way we implement leadershifts is the key to ongoing success in 2020, and beyond.

1. Leadershift: The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace. John C. Maxwell. 2019

Lisa Thomson
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