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This must-read article focuses on developing a high-performing organization through effective leadership behaviors and practices. Read below for a few highlights of one of my recent articles and download the entire publication by clicking here.

Essential Leadership Practices in the Long Term Care Setting

Leadership ‘in­volves purposeful in­fluence in a group or organization.’ Research has focused on traits such as personality and values, practices such as behaviors and pat­terns of activities, the amount/ type of power used to influence others, and how the situation and context have an impact on leadership effectiveness.

Leadership studies have also tried to distinguish between leadership and management. This has brought us maxims like, “Managers do things right, but leaders do the right things.” The manager is described as the op­erational work horse and the leader as the organizational visionary. Unfor­tunately, this widely accepted stereo­type creates the misconception that the”manager” is less able and valuable than the”leader.”

Research concludes that the process­es, not the roles, of leadership and management are distinct, and the two do not necessarily require different types of people.


LTC Leadership Practice Areas for Today
The following fundamental leadership practices can be considered a good framework:

  • Leaders must be focused visionaries.
  • Support change by setting the stage.
  • ‘Make it happen’ by practicing effective strategic management.
  • Use evidence-based decision-making for quality improvement.
  • Bring people along with empowering communication.
  • Touch the hearts of people with a caring, sincere presence.
  • Build the personal capacity of your management team by developing their talent.

Management is responsible for achieving a balanced set of results, and leadership practices need to sup­port the accomplishment of these or­ganizational outcomes.

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