Leadership Insights: The Value of Long Term Care Administrators


It’s the Friday of the end of Long Term Care Administrator’s week and, like many of my practitioner colleagues, you might be fatigued, tired or just worn out. These past few weeks have called on administrators to lead during a challenging time. You unwillingly are in the crosshairs of the public eye during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Courageous leadership is what every employee hopes for and what every company needs during trying times (Pena, 2017).


As individuals, you hold paramount the welfare of persons for whom care is provided. That is why you got into this profession. You care. You also honor your responsibility to the public, your profession, and their relationships with colleagues and members of related professions. These elements of the ACHCA Code of Ethics for the profession align well with the current needs across the country. There is no professional community better positioned or more able to lead this effort for our senior care service and settings across the country.


Some would say that when things are running smoothly you should celebrate that time. Conversely, when things are going not so well or are seemingly out of control like the one we are in, one perspective is that during this challenging crisis, this can be the opportunity for authentic leaders to shine, especially in these times of adversity. Staff members are looking to their leaders for both confidence and courage. We all know that change is always happening. During more episodic periods of change or transition, staff and customers are looking for both calm and hope. The best leaders thrive in these times, and people are drawn to the leader and his/her competent team.


Sean Kelly, the CEO and President of Kendall Senior Living Communities and a recent good friend, put the context of today’s COVID-19 situation this way:

“Take pride in how we are responding to the things that are brought to us that we cannot control. Find strength in knowing that we will do the same with what comes next. Find the power that can come from acknowledging reality in ways that can guide our responses so that they have an impact in ways that matter most to the people we serve. Know that we are better and stronger in doing this work together.”


Leadership Considerations

  1. We need you! Your caring, confident and courageous leadership will get us through this difficult period.
  2. You are making a difference every day. Please take a moment to know that you are appreciated.
  3. Your tireless dedication is inspiring. Take another moment to know that you are admired. I am proud to be associated with such a caring and gifted professional community of leaders.
  4. Take a moment to get a breath, refill your cup and recharge. You know you will be needed tomorrow, next week and next month.


Thank you for all you do for the deserving elders of this country. You are special people and deserve to be recognized, even if you don’t ask for it. Thank you, once again, for all you do, often quietly and always steadily, for this country.


Douglas Olson, Ph.D., MBA, NHA, FACHCA
Senior Advisor