Leading Through Change

Change is one of the few constants in life. The same holds true for organizations, including senior care organizations.

Within the ever-changing marketplace of senior care, organizations are either strengthening their position or falling behind.

I do not know of any senior organization that is holding steady, even if they think they are. It is the job of effective senior care management teams to ensure that their communities are paying attention to shifting consumer preferences, changing network referral patterns, and trends in payment systems. Most importantly, leaders need to take the time to respond and adjust to these changes.

It is the job of the management team to keep their staff comfortable with change, because it is both inevitable and necessary. To accomplish this ‘change readiness’ environment, all management team members need to be on board with this culture of responsiveness. The good news is that once everyone is on the same page that change is both necessary and good, the move from being a reactive to a proactive performance driven team and facility is an approach that is attractive for everyone.

When leading through change, consider the following strategies highlighted by Matt Mayberry, Entrepreneur Magazine:

  • Stay purpose driven. Especially when your organization is experiencing turbulent times. By focusing on the organization’s purpose, employees see a clear vision of the goals.
  • Communication must be constant. Great communication is required to create great relationships and to perform at a high level. Leaders need to provide inspiration and support for their team. Consistent communication is key.
  • Invest in your people. As it is stated, a leader is only as good as the people who surround him/her. It is important to recognize that the most important people are the ones who work with you to carry the vision forward. Investing in continuing education, ongoing training and team-building can help your organization lead successfully through change, and highlight how much you are invested in their ongoing success.
  • Persist until you succeed. Change, and that especially goes for employees. They will be tempted to give up, slow down and lose focus of the overall objective and purpose. Persistence isn’t just a trait of the most successful people, it’s the backbone of the organizations that completely thrive during times of extreme change. Persisting and staying the course even when progress seems to be minimal is an absolute must when leading through change.

As you begin to implement your 2018 strategies, spend thoughtful time with your team discussing how you will lead your organization through the ever-changing world of senior care.

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Doug Olson
Senior Advisor
Pathway Health