Let’s Connect During Care Providers of Minnesota’s 71st Annual Convention & Exposition


Pathway Health team members will be connecting with industry leaders during the Care Providers of Minnesota’s 71st Annual Convention & Exposition.

·       Stop by Booth #78 to connect and register for prize give-aways.

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·       Take a seat at a must-attend session presented by a Pathway Health expert:



First Aid Interventions for Mental Health – presenter: Leah Killian-Smith

This session will discuss how post-acute care can work on changing the perception of mental health in our communities. Our profession has an obligation to support residents with mental health disorders. Gain the knowledge necessary to support older adults by recognizing signs and symptoms of mental health disorders.


The Leaders Top 10 – presenter: Lisa Thomson

This engaging presentation will walk operational and clinical leaders through the top 10 reports that are available to operational leaders. The attendees will learn where to find the top 10 and how to use the reports to improve operational, clinical and financial outcomes.





Tips for Trauma-Informed Care Planning – presenter: Leah Killian-Smith

This discussion will include tips on creating a trauma-informed care plan.


Mental Health Disorders in Post-Acute Care – presenter: Leah Killian-Smith

This session will provide participants with helpful information about mental health disorders, psychosocial adjustment difficulties, history of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders. Even though providers have been caring for residents with mental health disorders for a very long time, caregivers have not received much training in this area.


Adapting to the Patient-Driven Payment System – presenter: Karolee Alexander

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) replaced the RUGS IV classification system on October 1, 2019. Leaders had a brief time to learn about this dramatic change and make systems changes to implement the new payment classification system successfully. In this interactive class, participants will learn about clinical documentation system changes that support the PDPM classification system.


Transitions of Care: Strategies for Successful Outcomes – presenter: Susan LaGrange

Creating a person-centered care plan is the first step in a seamless transfer or discharge from skilled nursing to a different level of care. This session will provide the participant with the knowledge needed to work with person-centered care planning and three key strategies for methods of discharge planning to improve outcomes and decrease the chance of readmission to the hospital.


LEAD: Leadership Environmental Assessment Diagnostic Approach – presenter: Dr. Douglas Olson

This session will share critical leadership practices necessary to move health and aging services organizations forward. The instrument is based on leadership and organizational quality practices literature and has been field tested for health and aging services. Initial findings explore the impact of fundamental leadership practices on management team performance. Dr. Olson will discuss approaches and tools available to make positive changes within your organization.


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