Part Four: Getting QAPI Ready— Performance Improvement Projects

Once you have gathered and analyzed the necessary information from feedback data systems and monitoring, it’s then necessary to implement the fourth element of QAPI, Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs).

Through the feedback, data systems and monitoring you might have defined some areas that need improving within your facility. A PIP allows you to concentrate your time and effort on a specific problem area. One way to can make sure that your PIP stays focused is by drafting a charter that will help your team avoid misunderstanding and gain organizational support. Remember that this charter should not tell your PIP team how to complete the work but rather help them understand what is being asked of them and who is suppose to accomplished it.

You might face some challenges when developing your Performance Improvement Projects. The QAPI News Brief offers the following tips on making sure your PIPs run smoothly:
• Get the right people on the team and provide clarity about membership and roles.
• Designate a team sponsor who will help the project director and/or manager by providing resources, focus and problem solving.
• Make sure that all departments and roles are represented.
• Consider including a resident or family member on some teams.

Check back with us next week for a close look into the fifth and final element of QAPI: Systematic Analysis and Systemic Action. Learn how Pathway Health can help your organization prepare for QAPI.