Participate in the Two-Day ICD-10 Workshop with the Washington Health Care Association and Pathway Health


Pathway Health will present a two-day ICD-10 training event to provide training on coding terms, conventions, official coding guidelines, basic coding knowledge, coding case studies for each chapter in ICD10-CM and education on diagnosis management. Participants should be able to learn and improve their coding skills and understand coding for the rehab stay.


  • Comprehend definitions of coding terminology
  • Understand official coding guidelines
  • Demonstrate the ability to assign correct medical codes
  • Utilize resource materials for accurate coding
  • Be familiar with all chapters of ICD-10-CM
  • Be familiar with diagnosis management
  • Describe how ICD-10-CM coding affects the MDS and billing

The training will take place on August 20 – 21 in Spokane Valley, WA. For more details about the training click here.


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