Pathway Health Will Be Attending the 70th AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo


Pathway Health’s Judy Morey will be presenting at the 70th AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo. Her talk, “Pressure or Moisture? Call It What It Is,” will identify definitions, risk factors and a comprehensive assessment process that leads to individualized interventions to improve quality of care.

During her talk, participants will learn to identify the difference between moisture-induced dermatitis and partial thickness pressure ulcer/injury. They will also learn to describe prevention and treatment strategies for incontinent patients and residents and define the documentation necessary to substantiate a comprehensive assessment, individualized care planning, implementation of interventions and ongoing monitoring for quality and compliance.

The presentation will include a roundtable discussion for the sharing of best practices. Judy will be co-presenting with Tony Forsberg, from Essity Health and Medical Solutions.


The Convention will take place on October 13 – 16 in Orlando, FL.

Learn more about the event here.