Pathway Health’s Leah Killian-Smith and Lisa Thomson to Present at WHCA/WiCAL 68th Annual Fall Convention & Expo


Pathway Health’s Leah Killian-Smith and Lisa Thomson will present at the WHCA/WiCAL 68th Annual Fall Convention & Expo. The Convention’s theme is “Onward and Upward: Thriving in the Brave New World of Long-Term Care.” Attendees will engage in educational programs to obtain tools and knowledge for leadership development and facility improvement.


Leah Killian-Smith will present the following talks:

Mental Health Disorders in Post Acute Care: This session will provide participants with helpful information about mental health disorders, psychosocial adjustment difficulties, history of trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorders.


  • Describe the regulatory guidance related to mental health disorders
  • Identify ways to properly recognize and assess residents to ensure proper interventions are care planned
  • Learn education strategies to train staff members on mental health disorders


Adapting Documentation for Patient Driven Payment: This session explores ways in which clinical documentation can support skilled reimbursement. It will discuss the critical nature of therapy evaluations and person centered treatment plans in PDPM and examine the structure and nature of skilled nursing documentation to support skilled care in the PDPM payment system.


  • Identify the content of a person-centered therapy treatment program
  • Describe skilled nursing documentation that supports skilled care
  • List three action items for clinical documentation improvement


First Aid Interventions for Mental Health: This session will provide participants with the knowledge necessary to support older adults by recognizing signs and symptoms of mental health disorders.


  • Describe three ways healthcare workers can provide support for mental health
  • Identify the two most common mental health disorders
  • Learn signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety


Lisa Thomson will present the following talk:

Strategies for Implementing Phase III: This session will provide participants with helpful information to prepare for implementing Phase 3 regulations related to the State Operations Manual Appendix PP for long term care. While it may seem that the first two phases included the most work, Phase 3 includes comprehensive programmatic changes that will require extensive training for staff members.


  • Understand the required elements of Phase 3 and how they affect long term care’s current policies and practices
  • Analyze the components of the regulations that are new and those that are in addition to what is already in place
  • Gain knowledge to be able to prepare staff members for the next phase of regulatory guidance for long term care


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