Pathway Health’s Leah Killian-Smith to Present at the Care Providers of Minnesota’s Nurse Managers in Assisted Living & Home Care Education Series

Pathway Health’s, ​Leah Killian-Smith,​ ​will be leading the talk, “Nurse Leadership​—​Keeping Staff Happy and Accountable,” where she will share key strategies in working with staff, including developing and monitoring, accountability and more. The talk is part of the Care Providers of Minnesota’s​ ​Nurse Managers in Assisted Living & Home Care education​ ​series​.

These education series are one of the​ most popular​ ​and longest-running​ ​programs. The four-day certificate​ ​program is designed for home care nurses who manage the​ ​multitude of tasks they face every day in assisted​ ​living,​ ​housing with services and home care operations​.


Part I will take place September 25 – 26.

Part II will take place October 29 – 30.


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