Walk Strong for Kidney Health with ‘Infinite Gratitude’

More than 20 million Americans—one in nine adults—have chronic kidney disease, which means nearly every person knows someone (a friend, colleague, family member) who is impacted by kidney disease. At Pathway Health, we truly understand the importance of sharing information about prevention and improving health, as well as the importance of raising awareness and funding. That is why our team recently gave love and support to the Studzinski family.

Kidney Walk 2015

Cheryl Studzinski, Pathway Health’s national education coordinator and senior sales specialist, has been involved with the National Kidney Foundation since her husband, Jeff, had a kidney transplant eight years ago. For more than 30 years, Jeff maintained tight control of his diabetes with insulin, diet and exercise, until his kidneys failed—forcing him to go on dialysis.

Dialysis is very harsh on the body. For two years, three days a week, five hours a day, Jeff ended each session feeling like he had “run a marathon, while having the flu.” Jeff worked incredibly hard to build himself up physically and emotionally for a transplant. Cheryl says her family was blessed that their daughter, Monica, was a great match and gave her father the gift of life.

“Not everyone is so blessed to have this type of situation and people wait for years on the organ transplant list,” Cheryl said. “During this time my husband and our family became passionate about helping people faced with kidney disease and the ever-growing need for donors.”

Unfortunately, due to Jeff’s recent cancer diagnosis and months of chemotherapy, the Studzinski family had to curtail some of their volunteerism. But this obstacle was not enough to keep the Studzinski family—including Jeff waving on the crowd—from participating for the first time in Walk for Kidneys, as part of the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.

The three-mile walk began at Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play) and continued along the beautiful lakefront of Lake Michigan. More than 4,000 walkers participated. The Studzinski team, “Infinite Gratitude,” raised $1,300 to support the crucial programs and services provided by the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.

“As the Education Coordinator for Pathway Health, my personal experiences with diabetes, dialysis, transplantation and cancer has given me a greater perspective on the long-term care industry,” Cheryl said. “I realize the critical need for health care professionals, who are not only well-educated people, but are also compassionate providers of care.”

Cheryl added that Pathway Health is teeming with dedicated people, who care about the quality of educational training and services provided to clients. “They care about always giving the best. I’m proud to say I work for Pathway Health!”