Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

It is not always easy to find and keep the right talent within your organization. With job vacancies on the rise, it is time to engage the right talent management strategy to ensure your organization is able to recruit, engage, and retain top quality employees!

Recruiting top quality candidates to your organization not only takes a competitive salary and benefits, but many candidates today won’t consider an organization unless it displays a strong company culture or brand.

An organization needs to ask itself, why should a top quality candidate choose to work for your organization? What is it that makes your organization stand out? An organization can strengthen their brand by letting their current employees tell a story about how their work impacts their communities, their world, or their lives and then show that story to candidates.

Strong leadership and open communication are two key components to keeping employees engaged. Did you know that employee disengagement costs more than $500 billion annually to the U.S. economy each year (Gallup)?

It is important to ensure all employees understand the goals and vision of the organization and the leaders of your organization are clearly communicating this information. This allows employees to be a part of the bigger picture, and provides them with a sense of ownership in the direction of the organization while ensuring they stay motivated and feel fulfillment.

Retention must be a priority within each organization. The biggest mistake we can make as employers is ignoring the talent that is right there within your organization.

There are two key measures when looking at retention, recognition, and development. 

  • Employee Recognition: Recognizing your employees’ efforts can be done many ways, but most importantly it should be timely, meaningful, and available to all employees.
  • Employee Engagement: Survey your employees regarding overall job satisfaction and have frequent touch point discussions to “check-in” on improvements and goals.

Providing and supporting development opportunities for your employees can help with job satisfaction, discourage turnover, and keep your organization well-positioned for future growth. The bottom line is that we must invest in our employees. It is time to be proactive and create a successful talent strategy, which will help recruit, engage, and retain your top quality employees.

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Amanda Johnson,
Recruitment Manager,
Pathway Health