Tackle Infection Prevention and Control for Nursing in 2019

On February 1, Pathway Health’s Louann Lawson will present S.C. Institute on Aging’s event titled, “Infection Preventionist.” This 1-day course focuses on operational tips for nursing staff and leadership in accordance with regulation changes. The in-depth look at Infection and Control compliance prepares care facilities for the future of nursing.

Upon completion of this program attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the role of the Infection Preventionist
  • Verbalize the components of an effective Infection Prevention and Control Program
  • Review the importance of the two types of surveillance and how to implement in the facility
  • Describe the importance of meaningful education for all staff on Infection Prevention and Control
  • Describe how to access key resources for updated information for program inclusion

Register before January 7 to attend. Find more information and instructions for registration here.