The Flu Season + Infection Prevention & Control

As a reminder, the flu season is just getting started and there’s still time to get vaccinated.

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Post-acute and Long-term Care Facility Toolkit: Influenza Vaccination among Healthcare Personnel – CDC

People older than age 65 are at the highest risk for hospitalization and complications from influenza and account for the majority of influenza hospitalizations and deaths in the United States each year.

The current influenza facts:
  • Influenza activity is increasing, with the eastern and central parts of the US seeing the majority of viruses reported and the western part of the country reporting lower levels of influenza virus circulation.
  • The majority of influenza viruses detected are A(H3N2).
  • Earlier in the season, most influenza A (H3N2) infections occurred among children and young adults ages 5-24 years; however, in recent weeks, the proportion of infections occurring among other age groups, especially adults age 25 years and older, has been increasing.
  • Hospitalizations for influenza continue to increase. The cumulative hospitalization rate in the FluSurv-NET system is higher than the rate for the entire 2020-2021 season, but lower than the rate seen at this time during the four seasons preceding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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IPC Resources and Training

Recently updated with the new vaccination section and COVID-19 tools.
Pathway Health’s Infection Prevention and Control Manual provides a multitude of resources for the Infection Preventionist to be able to customize their Infection Prevention and Control Program for quality and strategies for compliance!
This highly informative manual includes Enhanced Precautions, TB and comprehensive COVID-19 information.
This fast-paced VIRTUAL classroom will provide the basics of learning key aspects of the following:
  • The role necessary for the job of Infection Preventionist
  • Address regulatory requirements
  • Key best practices
  • Implementation strategies
Upcoming Virtual Sessions
  • February 1-3 | 11:30a-4:00p CT
  • more sessions are available

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Regulatory Preparation and Quick Response
Pathway Health is your partner in readiness and success. We have a full complement of regulatory services and education available (virtual and onsite) to leaders and organizations.
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