Vision 2020: Resources to Strengthen & Align Your Team

The LEAD Assessment: Your Framework for Success

Being a successful leader, it is vital to provide strategic guidance to keep everyone heading in the right direction. In order to complete this, a leader must ​​understand and know team members’ strengths, areas for improvement and how collectively you can achieve the overall goals.

The LEAD (Leadership Environmental Assessment Diagnostic) Assessmentassists leaders, and their leadership team, in becoming more agile and combining expertise and skills to achieve organizational goals. Framework and assessments draw from fundamental leadership and organizational practices:


  • Customized to your management team
  • Leverages diverse talents
  • Improves team performance
  • Simple, responsive and straightforward

The end result: improved functioning and increased stability and retention of your leadership team.


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Pathway Health experts will conduct the LEAD assessment, and then, design a customized Leadership Development Program for your organization.

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