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Peter B. Schuna Appointed Co-Chair of Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee

We are pleased to announce that Peter B. Schuna, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pathway Health, has been appointed by Commissioner Jan K. Malcolm, Minnesota Department of Health, to serve as Co-Chair of the Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee, beginning July 1, 2019, for a two-year term. Mr. Schuna will join Dr. Sonja Short, current e-Health Advisory Committee Co-Chair, and work with committee members to set the agenda for how Minnesota will approach the integration of effective health information technology into the future.


Peter B. Schuna

I am honored to help guide the committee to achieve Minnesota’s e-Health vision that ‘All communities and individuals benefit from and are empowered by information and technology that advances health equity and supports health and well-being.’





The Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee was established in 2004 under Minnesota Statute. Committee membership is composed of members representing a broad spectrum of health care stakeholders throughout Minnesota, who are appointed by the Commissioner of Health. The Advisory Committee advises on policy and has convened workgroups to develop and implement a statewide plan for meeting Minnesota’s 2015 Interoperable Electronic Health Record Mandate.

For more information regarding the Minnesota e-Health Initiative Advisory Committee, visit their website.

Download the press release here.


Pathway Health Announces Distribution Agreement with MED-PASS

Pathway Health has signed a distribution agreement with MED-PASS, Inc., a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for the post-acute market. Pathway Health’s clinical and regulatory compliance resources are now available for their customers on their website.

Long-term care nurses and caregivers are challenged every day to provide exemplary care amid changing regulations. Clinical and regulatory training is key to empowering staff and allows them to excel in their positions,” said Valerie Hill, Senior Director for MED-PASS, Inc. “We are happy to be working with Pathway Health to offer products that provide up-to-date clinical and regulatory content. It is the perfect complement to our existing product line.

Pathway Health continues to focus on the development of strategic relationships to support post-acute providers ongoing success.

We are pleased to work with MED-PASS to expand providers’ access to our industry-leading resources, manuals and tools,” stated Peter B. Schuna, Pathway Health Chief Executive Officer. “This distribution agreement supports our vision of providing post-acute leaders with the insight, expertise and knowledge needed for ongoing operational success.

For more information, visit



In 1989 when MED-PASS was founded, the healthcare industry was facing the implementation of OBRA 87. Our brightly-colored, creatively-designed forms and tools helped pharmacies and nursing homes across the country comply with these new mandates. Now, almost 30 years later, we are firm in our commitment to provide pharmacies, nursing homes, assisted living communities, home health and hospice agencies with timely, innovative and cost-effective solutions to their regulatory, business and marketing challenges, while providing superior customer service. Visit MED-PASS online at for more information.


Learn About Phase 3 Requirements of Participation with LeadingAge Oklahoma

Pathway Health’s Leah Killian-Smith presents her talk, “Phase 3 Requirements of Participation – A Plan for Successful Implementation and Compliance,” where participants will learn about the necessary tools and resources for implementing the new Requirements of Participation for Phase 3 of the Mega-Rule.


  • Understand the required elements of the skilled nursing requirements for the implementation of Phase 3 regulations on Nov. 28, 2019
  • Identify appropriate assessment elements for care planning, cultural preferences, and needs
  • Describe and create a plan for implementing an effective compliance and ethics program
  • Determine the base competency and training requirements for licensed, certified, and unlicensed staff members

The talk will take place on June 20, starting at 8:00 a.m.



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Behavioral Health and Trauma Informed Care and PASRR

Ensure you are up-to-date with the new Phase 3 changes, scheduled to take place later this year and attend our talk. Pathway Health’s Leah Killian-Smith presents at the upcoming event, “Behavioral Health, Trauma Informed Approaches and PASRR,” hosted by the Beacon Institute.

The event will take place on June 18 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. and will host a discussion about informed care surrounding behavioral health and trauma. Attendees will also learn about the Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process in Maryland.

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Pathway Health – Proud Sponsor of the 2019 Saint Therese Foundation Golf Classic

Pathway Health is proud to sponsor the Saint Therese Foundation Golf Classic, an event that over the years has helped Saint Therese continue its support for the community through services, programs, and amenities.

The Golf Classic will take place at the Medina Golf & Country Club. Participants will have an opportunity to play in one of the best golf courses the city has to offer. They will also be provided with a box lunch, buffet dinner, and contest prizes.

The event will be on June 17 at 12:00 p.m.

Interested in participating in the Saint Therese Foundation Golf Classic? Visit the event site to register.

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Implementing Change and Making the S.H.I.F.T.

Everything we read about, hear about and talk about in post-acute care is change. Preparing for and managing change is about how we as leaders handle the complexity of the process.

Many leaders, like myself, have found that we are in a position of learning while leading. As post-acute care leaders we must evaluate, plan and implement tactics, strategies and operational processes to exceed the expectations of health care today and in the future – we need to S.H.I.F.T. to prepare for change.

Knowledge and clear understanding of the regulatory, reimbursement and quality measurement changes and their defined impact on our organization is key to determining the foundation for actions needed within our organization.

With your team, ask “How will this affect our organization?” to identify organization readiness for change. What systems, processes, services and resources will be needed, refined or changed due to the reimbursement, regulatory and quality measure changes coming in FY 2020 and beyond

Review current organization data and the confidential reports from CMS with your team. Align your current data outcomes with regulatory changes. Identify organization trends, variances, spikes in outcomes and the current impact to clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Craft your vision and goals for change. Based upon your review of the regulatory changes, organization readiness and organization data, develop an action plan with your team. Determine priorities (immediate vs. important), what is immediate (which will have a serious and immediate negative impact) and what is important (that which needs to be accomplished, however, there are possibly a few more days to complete some of the tasks). Priorities may include financial analysis, education at all levels of the organization, as well as internal and external resources that will be needed to lead the organization to successful outcomes.

In today’s world – it takes a team. Track and trend outcomes to the strategies implemented in your action plan as well as your organization data outcomes. There are numerous changes and “to dos” that require yourself as a leader as well as various team members for input, skill sets and knowledge. You cannot do this alone – engage a team from all levels of your organization to review the changes, trend current and potential outcomes as well as solicit your team’s thoughts and ideas.

With the health care environment increasing in complexity, transforming the way we lead and how health care is delivered and managed within our organization and in collaboration with our partners is the key to success. The key competitive advantage today is the ability to change, adapt and evolve – SHIFT in order to achieve sustainable and successful outcomes.


Lisa Thomson
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer


Celebrating Leaders in Clinical Excellence

National Nurses Week is a time for everyone – individuals, employers, other health care professionals, community leaders, and nurses – to recognize the vast contributions and positive impact of America’s 4 million registered nurses. Each year, the celebration ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

As health care becomes more specialized with different types of provider types, higher acuity in various settings, increased technology, primary care physicians and specialists and interdisciplinary team members – one profession provides the continuity across the continuum – Nursing!

Nurses continue to play a pivotal role in quality patient care and outcomes. Nurses are the patient advocate, working with the patient, family and all health care professionals for smooth transitions of care.

The role of nursing is rapidly evolving as nursing professionals are tasked with an even wider range of responsibilities in the new health care environment. Nursing has become more complex in ways that couldn’t have been imagined a generation ago. Nurses are not only caregivers, but they are teachers, advocates and great innovators – utilizing their expertise and critical thinking abilities to assess and resolve complex situations. Nurses are innovators, influencing change in healthcare. With the change to a value-based approach to care, challenging organizations related to reimbursement and efficiencies, nursing leaders are reshaping care by enhancing clinical processes and competencies with their teams, fostering better outcomes. Empowering the capabilities of their teams unleashes a “gold mine” of talent, skills, and innovation amongst all nurses within an organization!

Every day, nurses continue to promote health and cater to the unique needs of individuals by providing safe and quality care. Many times in our complex health care world, we are wrapped up in day to day operations and complicated regulations and lose sight of the glue of our organization – our professional nurses. They are the heart of health care!

To all of the nurses across the nation, we thank you! Thank you for embracing the new health care environment and all of the changes it brings, reminding us every day why we do what we do – provide excellent care and services to those in need.

Happy Nurses Week!

Donna L. Webb, RN – Chief Operating Officer



Pathway Health Announces Agreement with Linked Senior


Pathway Health has signed a content provider agreement with Linked Senior, a resident engagement platform for senior care. Linked Senior will provide content focused on person-centered care and resident engagement through its Pathway Learning Network, a learning management solution for post-acute leaders. Continuing Education hours will be available for Activities Professionals and Nursing Home Administrators/Long Term Care Administrators.

Person-centered care and resident engagement are the biggest opportunities in the senior care industry,”  stated Charles de Vilmorin, Linked Senior Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are very excited to support Pathway Health by providing evidence-based educational content to enable their clients to deliver quality, person-centered care.

Pathway Health continues to focus on the development of strategic relationships that provide its clients with enhanced value-based solutions to support their ongoing success.

We are pleased to work with Linked Senior as we continue to add industry-leading learning modules to the Pathway Learning Network,” stated Peter B. Schuna, Pathway Health Chief Executive Officer. “Their person-centered care focus supports our vision of providing post-acute leaders with the insight, expertise and knowledge needed for ongoing operational success.

For more information, visit

About Linked Senior

Linked Senior is a resident engagement platform for senior care–aiming to make person-centered engagement the standard experience of care. The solution empowers staff with a digital tool to assess, plan, implement and evaluate engagement for the entire resident population, providing both a population health management dashboard and evidence-based resident engagement applications (games, brain fitness, music therapy, reminiscing, etc.). It has been deployed in hundreds of assisted living, memory care communities and nursing homes, to increase the quality of life of their residents. Linked Senior is used by family and staff to engage residents with personal experiences such as games, brain fitness, music therapy, reminiscing and other therapeutic interventions. The solution helps drive compliance, better outcomes, increase client and family satisfaction and reduces staff burden. For more information, call 888-577-1889 or visit



Root Cause Analysis with Karolee Alexander

Pathway Health’s Karolee Alexander presents the webinar, titled, “Clinical Online Workshop: Root Cause Analysis,” hosted by Care Providers of Minnesota. The event will provide participants with best practices for thorough root cause analysis and how to prioritize necessary changes.


  • Understand the intent of a root cause analysis
  • Learn several techniques for performing and teaching others to perform a root cause analysis

The webinar will take place on June 12 from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

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Fireside Training Courses in June

Pathway Health offers multiple opportunities to strengthen your education in June. Register now for the following Fireside Training classes:

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By striving to improve yourself and your colleagues, your facility grows the quality of its care and the effectiveness of its staff.

Explore the multiple options for furthering your education with Pathway Health on our Education page for more insight, expertise, and knowledge.