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Let’s Connect During Care Providers of Minnesota’s 71st Annual Convention & Exposition


Pathway Health team members will be connecting with industry leaders during the Care Providers of Minnesota’s 71st Annual Convention & Exposition.

·       Stop by Booth #78 to connect and register for prize give-aways.

·       Schedule an appointment with a Pathway Health expert.

·       Take a seat at a must-attend session presented by a Pathway Health expert:



First Aid Interventions for Mental Health – presenter: Leah Killian-Smith

This session will discuss how post-acute care can work on changing the perception of mental health in our communities. Our profession has an obligation to support residents with mental health disorders. Gain the knowledge necessary to support older adults by recognizing signs and symptoms of mental health disorders.


The Leaders Top 10 – presenter: Lisa Thomson

This engaging presentation will walk operational and clinical leaders through the top 10 reports that are available to operational leaders. The attendees will learn where to find the top 10 and how to use the reports to improve operational, clinical and financial outcomes.





Tips for Trauma-Informed Care Planning – presenter: Leah Killian-Smith

This discussion will include tips on creating a trauma-informed care plan.


Mental Health Disorders in Post-Acute Care – presenter: Leah Killian-Smith

This session will provide participants with helpful information about mental health disorders, psychosocial adjustment difficulties, history of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders. Even though providers have been caring for residents with mental health disorders for a very long time, caregivers have not received much training in this area.


Adapting to the Patient-Driven Payment System – presenter: Karolee Alexander

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) replaced the RUGS IV classification system on October 1, 2019. Leaders had a brief time to learn about this dramatic change and make systems changes to implement the new payment classification system successfully. In this interactive class, participants will learn about clinical documentation system changes that support the PDPM classification system.


Transitions of Care: Strategies for Successful Outcomes – presenter: Susan LaGrange

Creating a person-centered care plan is the first step in a seamless transfer or discharge from skilled nursing to a different level of care. This session will provide the participant with the knowledge needed to work with person-centered care planning and three key strategies for methods of discharge planning to improve outcomes and decrease the chance of readmission to the hospital.


LEAD: Leadership Environmental Assessment Diagnostic Approach – presenter: Dr. Douglas Olson

This session will share critical leadership practices necessary to move health and aging services organizations forward. The instrument is based on leadership and organizational quality practices literature and has been field tested for health and aging services. Initial findings explore the impact of fundamental leadership practices on management team performance. Dr. Olson will discuss approaches and tools available to make positive changes within your organization.


Learn more about the Convention here.


Pathway Health’s Lisa Thomson Will Present at the 2019 CAHF Annual Conference

Lisa Thomson will present, “Strategies for Final Preparation and Implementation of Phase 3 Requirements,” on November 13 at the 2019 CAHF Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

Make sure to connect with Lisa during the CAHF Annual Conference, November 10 – 13.


Learn more about the event here.


Pathway Health is a Proud Sponsor of the 2019 PointClickCare SUMMIT

Pathway Health is a proud Silver sponsor and exhibitor at the PointClickCare® SUMMIT 2019 in Dallas, TX, November 3 – 6. As an annual gathering of PointClickCare users and partners, SUMMIT has a focus on topics and industry drivers that are affecting long-term care providers. Dan Billings, Chris Fangboner, Kathleen Patterson, Lesa Vandermeer and Jane Burch will represent Pathway Health at the event. They will be connecting with other industry experts and peers, discussing best practices surrounding health information technology.

Connect with the Pathway Health team during the event and stop by booth #313 to learn more about how our ePath consultants provide expert implementation insight, custom assessments, training and ongoing support to help keep your team on the clear path to success.

Contact us to schedule an appointment during the SUMMIT 2019.



Elizabeth “Betty” Brunner Selected as the Recipient of the Distinguished Debby L. Schuna Mentorship Award


Pathway Health is pleased to announce that Betty Brunner is this year’s recipient of the Debby L. Schuna Mentorship Award.

Betty is a dedicated professional in the senior care industry who has been a mentor to clinical leaders across the nation and has inspired many others to enter and stay in our industry. She is a known leader who shares her insight, expertise and knowledge professionally with integrity. She is a driving force to the growth of Pathway Health, and is always looking for ways we can assist customers and build up new leaders.


Just a few inspiring comments shared about Betty include:

“She and Debby were quite a force together! They would work with clinical leaders, mentor, coach them to become better every day.”

“She adjusts her style to help an organization grow.”

“She personifies Debby’s vision and personality. She left Pathway Health for a while, but now says ‘I am back home and not going anywhere.’’

“She mentors without thinking about it. Betty supports our team members, customers, industry leaders with her professional positive manner.”

“She is an inspiration to all. She has continuous positive energy surrounding her, just like Debby!  Professionals around the country as well as our team members see to be around her.  She is a dynamic leader show embraces and lives out Debby’s vision and legacy!”


About the Debby L. Schuna Mentorship Award

The Debby L. Schuna Mentorship Award, named in her memory, recognizes individuals at Pathway Health who have impacted the lives and careers of others by tirelessly devoting time, energy, talent and, who exemplify the character of Debby, including:

  • Leading by example and demonstrating the highest integrity.
  • Openly sharing insight, expertise and knowledge with others.
  • Creating opportunities and ‘opening doors’ for their colleagues.
  • Providing thoughtful guidance and positive feedback.
  • Inspiring others and serving as a role model in leadership and professionalism.

Like Debby L. Schuna, the award recipients lead by example, provide mentorship with unwavering integrity and have truly found the “gold” in their colleagues.


Thank you, Betty, for your dedication, professionalism and leadership. Congratulations!



Celebrating Nursing Professional Development Week

Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Week is celebrated every year during the third week of September to recognize the work done by Nursing Professional Development practitioners.

NPD practitioners support nursing research, learning and development. They provide nurses with quality education throughout all stages of their careers and ensure that nurses and organizations are recognized for quality, evidence-based practice, and patient safety.

Pathway Health recognizes the work performed by NPD practitioners and their dedication to educating and supporting staff competency. As a partner in education, we offer online, classroom and on-demand formats to further nursing education and meet your organization’s unique requirements. Check out our Staff Competency resources:






The Staff Competency Toolkit©

Designed with Post-Acute leaders in mind. Section 1 provides insight to the staff competency requirements, leadership implementation strategies, tools and resources. Section 2 includes 25 targeted competency knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) areas.

Learn more and purchase>







KSA Competency QuickPATHs

Pathway Health experts have created 25 downloadable tools on to use for reinforcing staff competency areas. Each are based on the most recent federal regulatory requirements/standards of practice

Learn more and purchase>


Thank you NPD practitioners for all you do to support quality care!



PDPM—Common MDS Coding and Scheduling Errors

Pathway Health’s Karolee Alexander presents her talk, “PDPM—Common MDS Coding and Scheduling Errors,” a webinar that is part of the series of PDPM workshops to help you prepare for the implementation that goes into effect October 1.

The webinar will be at the following date and time:

Online, July 31, from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Check out more educational opportunities from Pathway Health »



Pathway Health – Proud Sponsor of the 2019 LeadingAge Minnesota Foundation Golf Fundraiser

Pathway Health is a proud sponsor of Hole #15 at the 2019 LeadingAge Minnesota Foundation Golf Fundraiser, an event that supports the work of the Foundation.

The Golf Tournament will take place at the Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury, MN. Participants will be able to connect with colleagues, enjoy the outdoor activities and help raise funds for the Foundation’s scholarship program. Pathway Health’s Dennis Anderson will co-chair the event.

The event will be on July 30 at 10:30 a.m.

Interested in participating in the LeadingAge Minnesota Foundation Golf Fundraiser? Visit the event site to register.


Learn more about Pathway Health here.



Pathway Health – Proud Sponsor of the 2019 Care Providers of Minnesota Foundation

Pathway Health is a proud sponsor of Hole #18 at the 2019 Care Providers of Minnesota Foundation Golf Tournament, the Foundation’s major fundraising event of the year.

The Golf Tournament will take place at the Deer Run Golf Club in Victoria, MN. Participants will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities while supporting the work of the Foundation, which includes fostering the professional growth and leadership development of hundreds of long-term care employees.

The event will be on July 29 at 10:15 a.m.

Interested in participating in the Care Providers of Minnesota Foundation Golf Tournament? Visit the event site to register.


Learn more about Pathway Health here.



A Team Approach to Operationalizing PDPM with LeadingAge Minnesota

Pathway Health’s Karolee Alexander presents her talk, “A Team Approach to Operationalizing PDPM,” where participants will learn about the necessary steps to prepare their organizations for implementation of the PDPM classification system for Medicare Part A payments that becomes effective October 1. Don’t Forget to Sign Up!


  • Review the PDPM classification system so you know how it differs from the RUG-IV Medicare payment system.
  • Understand the role of the IDT, and what will be expected of you as a member of that team, by following an admission through the departmental process.
  • Describe how clinical documentation systems support PDPM classification and assist your organization in capturing accurate reimbursement for services provided.
  • Learn through case studies how altering a component of the PDPM classification changes the per diem payment.
  • Identify actionable items to bring back to your organization that will make for a smoother implementation process, so you are ready before the October 1, 2019 deadline.

There are two remaining workshops in July at the following locations and times:


Mankato, MN, July 24 starting at 8:30 a.m.

Shoreview, MN, July 25, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Check out more educational opportunities from Pathway Health »



Pathway Health – Proud Sponsor of the 2019 WHCA Care Classic Golf Tournament

Pathway Health is a proud sponsor of Hole #17 at the WHCA Care Classic Golf Tournament, an event benefiting the George F. MacKenzie Education Fund.

The Golf Classic will take place at the Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove, WI. Participants will have an opportunity to play in the tournament and also enjoy other outdoor activities and games.

Stacy Jones and Heidi Sprado will be representing Pathway Health. Join them for a fun game and a chance to win prizes!

The event will be on July 15 at 10:00 a.m.

Interested in participating in the WHCA Care Classic Golf Tournament? Visit the event site to register.


Learn more about Pathway Health here.