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PATHTalks Episode 2 Available: Navigating the Emergence of the COVID-19 Delta Variant

Episode 2 of PATHTalks is now available. Tune in below to hear from Lisa Thomson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, and Susan LaGrange, Pathway Health’s Chief Nursing Officer, as they discuss the emergence of the COVID-19 Delta variant, considerations for clinical leaders, resources and more.

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(Lisa) Our topic for today for clinical leaders is the overall emergence of the Delta variant and how we respond as clinical leaders, knowing what is happening in our community as well as the impact to our residents and staff. Sue, there are many things that clinical leaders need to consider as we respond to the reemergence of the COVID-19 Delta variant, however, what are your thoughts on what clinical leaders need to consider as steps for risk mitigation?

(Sue) Yes, Lisa!  That is a great question because this Pandemic is really putting us through a roller coaster type of environment, right? We are now unfortunately on the upside.  The data from national statistics show that in the last 2 weeks daily new cases have increased by approximately 100% and daily deaths by over 65%. Our industry has done a great job with reducing the caseload with our staff and residents however, we need to be concerned with the Delta variant within our communities and potential outbreaks within our facility.

(Lisa) Sue, that is a great point that you brought up – the potential for new outbreaks in our facilities.  What strategies do you recommend that clinical leaders should consider as this variant continues to spread across our country.

(Sue) Strategies that leader can take include:

Continue with what you have been doing with those core principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention that CMS has outlined:

    1. Screening
    2. Hand Hygiene
    3. Masks
    4. Social or Physical Distancing of at least 6 feet
    5. Cleaning and Disinfection
    6. Appropriate staff use of PPE
    7. Proper cohorting
      1. Standard and Transmission-based precautions
      2. COVID-19 positive
      3. Quarantine
    8. Resident and staff testing in accordance with guidance

Observations and ongoing coaching – with the Delta variant spreading so rapidly even with fully vaccinated individuals, many who are asymptomatic, with schools starting within a month, it will be important today more than ever to protect our resident population and our staff.

(Lisa) Sue, thank you for the great reminder in the core infection control principles for COVID-19.  Reminding ourselves of these very important principles in reducing the risk for a potential outbreak in our organization. If there is one thing that you think that clinical leaders should start now as they prepare for the potential emergence of the Delta variant.

(Sue) Vaccination is the #1 mitigation strategy. Certainly, vaccinations for all—unless medically contraindicated.  How do we reduce vaccine hesitancy in our settings? There are many resources available to work with staff on vaccine confidence. Questions to ask include, is your facility ready for mandates if they have or are talking about them? We are now seeing state requirements for vaccination of staff

(Lisa) Are there other national or industry related resources that clinical leaders can reach out to what suggestions do you have?

Access the resources discussed in the episode:

Access educational resources from Pathway Health:

(Lisa) Sue If clinical leaders would like to learn more information about this topic today, and how to reduce vaccine hesitancy, how can they contact you?

(Sue) Please feel free to contact me at

Thank you, Sue for joining us on PATHTalks. Until next time, this is Lisa Thomson. Keep on your path to success!




Announcing: PATHTalks – Episode 1

We are excited to share with you PATHTalks, a new space for conversation and education about the latest happenings in health care.

Featuring conversations with industry experts and health care leaders, each episode will provide valuable insights, focused on enhancing knowledge, sharing resources and inspiring professionals along their career journey.

In our first episode, Lisa Thomson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer connects with Susan LaGrange, Pathway Health’s Chief Nursing Officer, to discuss what Clinical Leaders should consider in the post-pandemic environment.

Access the episode below: