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Navigate COVID-19 and Infection Control Regulatory Changes

The challenges facing post-acute leaders continue to escalate at a significant pace. With the new enforcement sanctions in place, your ability to prepare and respond quickly is more important than ever. Pathway Health experts are available to support your organization as it prepares and responds to COVID-19 guidance and navigate this dynamic environment.

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Insight and Support from Pathway Health Experts 

Infection Prevention and Control

The Infection Preventionist professionals at Pathway Health are here to assist your facility in providing an unbiased review of COVID-19 and Infection Control compliance performance and survey preparedness. Our professionals are also available for survey response and Directed Plan of Correction assistance.

  • COVID-19/Infection Control Mock Survey
  • Directed Plan of Correction – Infection Preventionist professional to meet DPOC response requirements.
  • Infection Control Training and Education – Infection Preventionist Boot Camp, IP response training and customized training for your organization.
  • Infection Preventionist Assistance – Outbreak management assistance, clinical support, virtual support and assistance.
  • COVID-19 Resurgence Assessment

Infection Preventionist Support: We have a solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. Whether you need an interim professional or your team member needs additional support and guidance, we are here for you!

  • Interim Infection Preventionist
  • Infection Preventionist mentoring and training
  • Infection Preventionist consultation and support

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COVID – IC Coach: An affordable, individualized and customizable solution to assist your clinical team with current COVID-19, infection control and regulatory guidance and expectations. This new solution includes:

  • One-hour COVID-19 update session, accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device (approved for one Nursing CE credit hour)
  • A designated Virtual Pathway Infection Preventionist for your organization
  • Customized infection control consultation provided by your Pathway Infection Preventionist (2 or 4 hours of individualized consultation)
  • You can determine how you would like to use your agreed upon COVID-Infection Control consultation hours.

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COVID-19 Resurgence Assessment: This streamlined solution is conducted both on-site and off-site. This assessment includes:

  • Observation – Observe staff performing infection prevention activities including screening, hand hygiene, PPE use, cleaning and disinfection and more!
  • Interactions – Interview and interact with leadership, Infection Preventionist, staff and residents related to COVID-19 and infection control guidance and requirements
  • Review – Review COVID-19 and Infection Control policies and procedures, COVID-19 specific requirements and education
  • Preparedness – Review resurgence preparedness processes for mitigation
  • Recommendations and Resources – Pathway will conduct an exit conference, provide keen insight related to survey findings, resources as needed and recommendations for improvement

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COVID-19 Outbreak Readiness Assessment – Virtual: A Pathway Health professional will assist the healthcare organization in their preparedness for outbreak management.

  • Review of infection control policies and procedures related to COVID-19 outbreak management
  • Discuss facility pandemic plan in relation to emergency preparedness
  • General program policy and procedure
  • Standard and transmission-based precautions policy (i.e., hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, etc.)
  • Surveillance and daily monitoring procedures
  • Visitation policies and procedures (i.e. restrictions)
  • Employee sick leave policy and contingency plan
  • Provide a COVID-19 action plan for implementation
  • Discussion with Infection Preventionist

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Pathway Training and Custom Set-Up of New PointClickCare ICP Module

  • Track, trend and analyze COVID-19 and all other infections in PCC (by resident, unit, hall, and more!)
  • Detect infections accurately and early
  • New reports and alerts for leadership (replace old spreadsheets and paper infection control logs)
  • Communicate insights and evidenced-based recommendations
  • Interface with lab results & pharmacy to trend organisms and antimicrobial use
  • Pull data from with PCC’s new Respiratory Assessment and other UDAs
  • What you need for infection control, survey and leadership decision support!

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Regulatory Support and Assistance

Pathway Health is your partner in COVID-19 and Infection Control survey readiness and success. We have a full complement of regulatory services and education available to leaders and organizations. These services can be performed virtually or on-site as needed.

COVID-19/Infection Control Mock Survey: This streamlined solution is conducted both on-site and off-site. This solution provides “on-site activities” performed through a HIPPA-compliant video meeting application, assuring resident and staff privacy is maintained.

  • We observe staff performing basic infection prevention activities such as handwashing and donning PPE outside a resident room.
  • On-site activities are directed to observing staff performing various infection prevention functions and identifying appropriate facility environmental modifications to address COVID-19 risks.
  • Off-site activities include an analysis of the facility’s COVID-19 policies and procedures as well as interviews of the facility Infection Preventionist and designated team members.
  • Recommendations and Resources – Pathway Health will conduct an exit conference, provide keen insight related to survey findings, resources as needed and recommendations for improvement.

Directed Plan of Correction: With the new enforcement sanctions in place, your ability to prepare and respond quickly is more important than ever.  Pathway Infection Preventionist professionals are available to respond to State and Federal specific citations to meet DPOC response requirements.

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Infection Prevent and Control Training and Resources

  • Infection Preventionist Basic Boot Camp for LTC Providers: This course is intended for nurses new to the position of Infection Preventionist or as a refresher for experienced Infection Preventionists! This fast-paced class will provide the basics of learning key aspects of the role necessary for the job of Infection Preventionist, address regulatory requirements, key best practices, and implementation strategies. The Infection Prevention and Control Manual is included with the price of the training. Sign-up now>>
  • Infection Prevention and Control Resource Manual: (Updated October 2020) Infection Prevention and Control is an all-encompassing, facility-wide program with many new regulatory updates. The Pathway Health Infection Prevention and Control Manual provides a multitude of resources for the Infection Preventionist to be able to customize their Infection Prevention and Control Program for quality and strategies for compliance! This highly informative manual includes an Addendum with Coronavirus information, Enhanced Precautions, TB and;
      • Updated infection control policies and procedures to reflect the most recent F-Tag change
      • Antibiotic Stewardship
      • Outbreak Management
      • Disinfection protocols
      • Surveillance overview and tools
      • Bloodborne pathogens exposure control plans
      • Post-exposure evaluations
      • Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions
      • Immunizations and Vaccinations
      • Employee health procedures
      • Procedures for Housekeeping and Dietary Departments
      • Audit tools and resources and much more!
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COVID-19 and IPC Complimentary Resources 

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