Professional Development By Type

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Professional Development By Type

Pathway Health offers customized education programs and materials in a format that works best for providers, groups and individual health care professionals.

Classroom Training
A wide-range of classroom opportunities offered to providers around the country, and at our Fireside Education Center in Minnesota. Each of our training sessions incorporates industry insight and overview, leadership/professional strategies, operational implementation strategies and quality monitoring processes.

On-Demand Training
Pathway Learning Network
gives immediate access to Pathway Health’s highly sought-after classroom and INTERACT™ Certified Champion training sessions and industry-leading tools and resources when they need it most—anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Learn more.

Customized Seminars
For your convenience, our trainers are prepared to come to you for a special session designed for the needs of your organization.

Individual Training
Options are offered for those new to long-term care, or individuals currently working in post-acute care. Our training courses are specifically designed to expand your knowledge as a post-acute care professional.

Customized On-site Training
Our professional and experienced experts can design and individualize educational programs for your organization. For your convenience, Pathway Health professionals can perform training and education sessions at your location.

Provider Training
Designed to assist your organization in expanding knowledge and help in achieving positive outcomes. We assist skilled nursing, assisted living, home health and hospice providers to stay up-to-date on the most important topics in post-acute care.

Leader’s Forums
Complimentary 30-minute focused trainings for post-acute care leaders—providing key insight and strategies to keep leaders informed of the numerous initiatives affecting the industry.


Pathway Health also offers a variety of products and resources in paper form, electronic communications and in-person instruction.

Resource Manuals
Focused on a specific clinical or operational system, these tools provide your team with policies, procedures, implementation strategies, education resources, forms and quality improvement monitoring. Our manuals operationalize complex issues faced in our industry today. We offer manuals with the most up-to-date information on various post-acute care topics.

Resource Toolkits
Specifically designed to target new health care initiatives or a specific clinical or operational system, each Toolkit includes guidelines and processes based on best practices. Included in our Toolkits are a collection of flexible and adaptable guidelines, checklists, forms, tools and quality monitoring audits, so post-acute care leaders can improve their internal processes to meet the ever-changing health care landscape.

Webinars (Live and Recorded)
We have an extensive online catalog of live and recorded webinars, focusing on hot topics, industry updates, clinical systems, health care initiatives and more. Our most listened to webinars are available on CD, which can be sent directly to your organization. We are pleased to offer webinar series for operational and clinical leaders, as well as reimbursement team members, which provide keen insight and strategies for positive outcomes.

Train & Tool
These webinars provide attendees with keen insights and education, as well as a downloadable tool to assist you in furthering your knowledge and understanding.

Designed for today’s busy and ever-changing regulatory environment, our QuickPaths are streamlined tools, focused on one specific topic, and serves as a starting point for facility leaders to quickly assess their current practices, policies, procedures and processes.

Our downloadable or printed one-page resources/tools help you and your organization through regulatory, reimbursement and clinical issues. From our popular F-Tag Resource to our clinical system laminates, you can order multiple copies for use in your organization.

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