Training and Education


Experienced Trainers in Post-Acute Care

Having knowledgeable users is the key to EHR success. That’s why Pathway Health educates and trains your clinical or financial teams to operate your system at its highest potential.

Our on-site classroom training provides a hands-on learning experience, while remote training options allow users from multiple locations to participate via webinar sessions. We can also create custom plans to meet your staff’s scheduling needs.

  • Role-Based Training

    Pathway Health can create a customized curriculum for your organization’s specific workflow. An ePath consultant will review your policies and procedures to develop an EHR curriculum to meet your exact needs.

    Curriculum packages can be created for:

    • Corporate Users
    • Facility Leadership/Managers
    • MDS Staff
    • RNs/LPNs
    • CNAs
    • Interdisciplinary Users
    • Business Office Managers
    • Billing Staff


    Each course only encompasses modules and workflows that are necessary for each role. This ensures each staff member has the tools necessary to complete documentation accurately, while following company policies, procedures and best practices.

  • Whiz Kid Training

    You need an EHR expert inside your organization! Fortunately, Pathway Health can train a corporate or facility leader to become that expert.

    We offer advanced-level classes on system configuration, workflow automation and end-user documentation capabilities. These three- to five-day sessions cover either clinical or financial components with three or less students at a time, either on-site or remotely.