Clinical and Financial Optimization

Optimization Suite of Services – Onsite/Offsite

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Connecting the different components of EHR software is critical to operational and clinical performance. Many organizations implement an EHR, but for a variety of reasons find it difficult to streamline the reporting options and customize the triggers to ensure clinical and operational variances are identified immediately and addressed prior to a potential system break or negative impact. Our ePath team will configure specific leadership tools and resources to assist you as you guide your team through the changing health care environment.

The onsite and offsite optimization services can assist an organization in:

  • Conducting a data base review to determine current and potential utilization
  • Incorporating EHR into every day practice and operations
  • Configuring specific leadership and management approaches, tools/resources to enhance effective use of the software
  • Setting up software to trigger specific processes – clinical and financial
    • Example – admission assessment triggers admission care plan and corresponding nursing note
  • Providing immediate training to designated leadership and end users

  • End User Review

    Examines portals, dashboards and key clinical documentation to ensure nurses and the interdisciplinary team are utilizing the software appropriately and efficiently.

  • General Configuration Review

    Inspects the key configuration areas of the software to ensure the system is set up to encompass proper workflows and attains the full capabilities the program has to offer.

  • Focused Orders and eMar Review

    Takes an in-depth look at your orders portals, custom template libraries, order sets and eMar configuration.

  • Focused ADL/CNA Documentation Review

    Performs a focused review on the Point of Care configuration and utilization to determine if proper programs are in place to efficiently capture ADL and critical MDS-related data.

  • Assessment/Workflow Review

    Schedule a comprehensive review of vital clinical systems, such as the admission/discharge process, skin protocols, bowel and bladder protocols, and behavior management. Pathway Health will also review up to five forms of assessment to examine triggers, rules and workflow capabilities.

    Reviews can be purchased a la carte or as a comprehensive package. Each review will include suggestions on how to better utilize your system. After the review is complete, you can work directly with one of our trained ePath experts to develop an action plan to configure your system, or retrain your staff for optimal use.

  • Clinical Optimization Visit

    Our clinical experts will come on site and demonstrate all the clinical capabilities of the program. They will identify time saving, problem solving approaches to using your software. You will learn new capabilities for modules you are already using as well as be introduced to modules you are not currently using.

  • MDS Pre-Bill Reviews – Monthly Process

    Reviewing your MDS data prior to billing for accuracy, supportive documentation and compliance is a never ending process. For a set monthly subscription, the ePath team offers remote monthly reviews of facility databases customized to your organization’s needs. The MDS Reviews can be set up in a variety of ways: issue specific, ex. monthly MDS operations, custom review based on customer need and preference or via the Triple Check Process. The ePath consultant will review the database for compliance and concerns and send facility monthly detailed written reports.

    • Monthly MDS 3. 0 Operations Review: The database is reviewed monthly for timeliness of assessments, opportunities for higher reimbursement and MDS data gathering process and accuracy concerns.
    • Monthly Diagnosis Review: The database is reviewed to ensure diagnosis/ICD-9 codes are identified for each resident, appropriately ranked and classified and appropriately matching on UB forms, Active Diagnosis list and MDS.
  • Financial/Operations Optimization Visit

    Our financial expert will come on site and demonstrate all the financial, administrative capabilities of the program. They will identify optimized, time saving, money saving approaches. We will provide creative approaches to setting up payers, monitoring aging reports, diagnosis management, preparing for RAC audits, and many other process related to managing AR, AP, GL, Trust accounts, and Collections.

  • Quarterly Clinical EHR Analysis

    On a periodic basis, ePath will review your data base offsite. We will evaluate several key quality areas to ensure staff are using system in an effective, optimized manner fulfilling your expectations and ensuring return on your investment in EHR. We provide a detailed, color coded, scored report that will allow your management to gauge staff work progress/productivity and staff utilization of EHR. We will tailor the content reviewed and schedule to best meet your budget and operational needs. Configuration needs and staff training needs will be identified. FTAG regulatory references for any areas of concern noted are also provided.

  • Quarterly Clinical Risk Review

    Our Clinical experts will provide remote, offsite, focused chart audits to evaluate high risk residents (ex. residents with falls, new wounds, weight loss, elopement, etc.) We validate compliance with facility policy and procedure, providing management with quarterly status report on current compliance.

  • Quarterly Financial Operations Review

    On a periodic basis, our financial experts will conduct review of financial operations. We review key processes related to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Collections, Trust Accounts, RUGS Determination, and Diagnosis Management. We provide your management with a high quality status report breaking down staff utilization of financial software, financial concerns, and areas of opportunity.