Quality Focus for Five-Star Success

Changes in the post-acute landscape require providers to transform their care delivery to meet new consumer demands and industry initiatives. Initially, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to help consumers, their families and caregivers compare quality care delivery more easily. The rating system features an Overall Quality Rating of one to five stars based on facility performance on three types of performance measures, each of which has its own five-star rating:

  • Health Inspections Rating
  • Staffing Rating
  • Quality Measures (QMs) Rating

The utilization of your organization’s data for the Five-Star Quality Rating System continues to expand. New Quality Measures (QMs) are being added at an increasing pace, aligning with other health care providers across the continuum. In addition, the new payment models use the Five-Star Quality Rating System to benchmark your overall performance and determine reimbursement for the care and services you provide. Understanding the impact of your Five-Star Quality Rating is critical to your overall success.

Insight, Expertise and Knowledge for Quality Outcomes

Pathway Health has the resources and tools to remain agile in a dynamic health care landscape. Keep quality front and center with your team to ensure the best positive outcomes. The depth of our services is unparalleled in the industry. Pathway Health’s Five-Star Quality Solutions include:

  • Comprehensive Five-Star Review–Onsite review of key processes and outcomes affecting Five-Star Quality Ratings. Our Five-Star Quality experts will identify areas of opportunity with key actions to improve overall outcomes.
  • Focused Five-Star Review–Onsite review of one of the domains affecting your overall Five-Star Quality Ratings, customized to meet your needs. Our Five-Star Quality experts will identify areas of opportunity with key actions to improve overall outcomes.
  • Quality Measures (QMs) Analysis–Comprehensive offsite review of organizational data affecting your quality measures. Analysis includes all QMs.
  • Staffing Analysis and Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Submission Preparation–Comprehensive offsite review of organization data affecting PBJ submissions and staffing measures.
Additional Five-Star Quality Services:
  • Mock Health Inspection Survey–Comprehensive review by Pathway Health survey experts to help prepare your team for your next survey and improve overall quality outcomes.
  • Targeted MDS Education–Onsite, classroom, webinars and customized training focusing on each MDS section.
  • Five-Star Training–Onsite and offsite classroom training provides practical resources on the right path.

Contact us to reach your Five-Star Ratings goals.