Knowledge and Resources

Educating Leadership, Clinicians, and the Interdisciplinary Team on the following:

  • knowledge largeRehospitalization and operational impact
  • Pre-admission screening
  • Admission process and evaluation of the assessment to develop the plan of care
  • Management of disease states
  • Accurate assessment skills and interpretation of the assessment to pick up on subtle changes
  • Implementation of interventions based off of the assessment
  • Implementation strategies for INTERACT 3.0 within your processes
  • Trends analysis and benchmarking data
  • Communications with front line staff
  • On-going assessment and care planning
  • Communication, documentation and reporting
  • Strategies for the marketplace and referral sources

Pathway can develop custom-tailored webinars and on site training programs to help your organization create a clear vision for the rehospitalization journey. Contact us to learn more.

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