Regulatory Compliance

An Ever-Changing Post-Acute Care Industry

Regulatory Compliance

The challenges facing the post-acute care industry are escalating at a significant pace. At the forefront is the redesign of health care service delivery across the nation. This reform can be a difficult trial for providers, but there are also great opportunities. Our nation is working on revamping the health care delivery system to decrease costs, reduce hospital readmissions, increase quality and create incentives to foster a more person-centered approach to care.

Reviewing current operations for clinical and regulatory compliance performance is a critical component to remain viable in the new health care market.

  • Requirements of Participation Phase I, II and III
  • Regulatory Preparedness
  • Compliance Recovery Assistance
  • Quality Improvement Services
  • Hospice Eligibility
  • Recertification
  • Certification of Terminal Illness
  • Safe Care Transitions
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Preferred networks
  • Bundle payments
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction
  • ICD-10 Transition
  • CMS Action Plans
  • OIG Initiatives
  • F-Tag Compliance Identification

Pathway Health is here to assist providers and encourage our industry to achieve this new level of care. We can help your facility develop new operational systems or better utilize current processes. We are leading experts at educating staff on regulatory issues and new health care trends. We also provide unbiased reviews of your current operations and compliance performance for audit and survey preparedness.

Your Expert Consultants for Audit Readiness

Our regulatory and quality consultation services assist organizations in mitigating risk, while identifying opportunities for improvement. We prepare facilities to know what to expect on their Quality Indicator Survey. At Pathway Health, we research how residents, patient families and staff will answer questions. Our team prepares a list of possible citations, and creates an action plan to be “survey ready every day.” Our experts also share advice on how to enhance your Five-Star Rating.

Your team’s response to changes in post-acute care will impact quality outcomes, facility systems, compliance and, ultimately, reimbursement. It is important for staff at all levels to receive updated training, tools and resources.

Ensure your team has regulatory knowledge to keep your operations viable. Call 877.777.5463 to speak with our consultants.