PDPM Financial Impact Analysis

Pathway Health PDPM Financial Impact Analysis Tool

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The new Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is effective October 1, 2019.  What is your potential financial impact using your current RUG data?

Gain valuable insight:

  • Locate your facility from the CMS RUG/PDPM data set
  • Understand the potential PDPM financial impact utilizing current RUG data from CMS

Important to note: Even though the data converted from RUGs to PDPM shows that your reimbursement is stable, the source documentation for PDPM is significantly different from the source documentation for RUGs. Therefore, your performance with PDPM going forward may not be reflected by the potential impact analysis numbers.  Remember, this is only a snapshot in time from CMS.  Preparing for PDPM is key for all SNF providers to reduce potential negative financial and clinical impact to your organization.


Ready to assess your potential PDPM financial impact?

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PDPM requires providers to focus on:

  • Revising source documentation systems
  • Accurate ICD-10 coding and identification of the reason for admission
  • Continued improvement of communication between nursing and therapy.

Ready your Organization

Pathway Health is your partner in PDPM readiness and success. We have a full complement of PDPM preparation solutions to ensure your organization is ready to shift to the new payment model

  • On-site & Off-site PDPM Preparation
  • Virtual PDPM Coaching
  • PDPM Financial Impact Analysis
  • Classroom, Virtual & Customized Training
  • Products & Resources

Contact us to analyze documentation systems and prepare for the changes, evaluate your MDS coding accuracy, review your IDT communication process and accurate documentation of interventions, ICD-10 coding assessment, and preparing for all the PDPM MDS process changes required by the new reimbursement system. 

Contact the Pathway Health PDPM team to prepare for the conversion to PDPM.