LEAD Tool and Process

Your Framework For Success

The Leadership Environmental Assessment Diagnostic (LEAD) Tool and Process is customized for your management team, and is a guided team reflection for this group that is under invested in – very seldom do we allow them the opportunity to look at their management team and environment. They have limited time and are very busy, and this unique solution allows them to efficiently leverage their diverse talents, improving their team and performance.

Align Your Team

The LEAD framework is a functional, useable assessment tool that draws from fundamental leadership and organizational practices to measure the following areas:

  • Alignment for the Future (Focused Visionary)
  • Change Readiness (Supporting Change)
  • Strategic Execution (Making it Happen/Strategic Management)
  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making (Understanding Quality Improvement)
  • Engaged Commitment (Empowering Communication/Bringing People Along)
  • Caring Hearts (Visible Presence)
  • Talent Development (Building Personal Capacity)
  • Collaboration in the Community (Value of Partnerships)
  • A Balanced Set of Results (Management Responsibility)
  • Overall Perception (The Ultimate Question)

The results are used to develop a profile of the team, provide benchmarks for discussion and identify gaps and opportunities within the organization.

Invest In Your Team’s Performance

This cost-effective tool and process used is simple, so everyone can understand, and is both responsive and straightforward using the following steps:

    • Identify need and outline the process with the community.
    • Phone interview with administrator to get the context of the organization and targeted group.
    • Conduct LEAD assessment – takes 15 minutes or less (administrative assistant/other person can distribute & collect survey).
    • Data analysis and review of LEAD information by Pathway Health.
    • Initial draft report put together and shared with administrator.
    • Follow up interview with administrator – verify data, review agenda for 3-hour debriefing.
    • Onsite debriefing with the management team:
      – Education built-in for the team, with follow-up resources available.
      – Buy-in with data and prioritization of 2-3 areas to improve.
      – Action plan facilitated, yet developed by management team for moving forward.
    • Follow up executive session after the debriefing session.



This process helps the management team move to a place where they have both buy-in and investment in the organization, build relationships with each other, and increases leadership engagement and motivation.

The end result is your leadership team has a broader view of their individual impact on the management team, allowing for improved functioning and increased stability and retention of the leadership team. This process aligns the team toward future success, and ultimately helps them lead the organization to improved performance on all indicators.


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