ePath Consultation

Implementation, Training and Optimization of EHRs

Electronic Health Record

Understanding the post-acute care environment is critical for successful EHR implementation and utilization. Our ePath experts are available for all levels of engagement to give your organization a boost to the next level, wherever you are on the EHR continuum.

Our consultant educators not only understand the software and all of its components, but our team of ePath consultants are clinical and operational long term care experts – not just IT professionals.

ePath understands the pitfalls and best practice strategies for a successful implementation. Pathway provides certified, experienced ePath consultants to manage EHR rollouts in independent facilities or corporate groups. They assess current clinical systems, whether paper or electronic, and provide an organized plan to transition to a new EHR system.

EHR Services Include:

  • Custom Assessments

    Our ePath configuration experts can transition many of your paper forms into an electronic format. Our services also help you encompass existing clinical policies and procedures into an electronic workflow that will truly demonstrate the capabilities of your system. Learn more.

  • Implementation Services

    Whether it’s a new implementation or rescuing a stalled implementation, we can assist in EHR selection, project management, configuration, training, and data entry.

    Learn More About EHR Implementation Services

  • Training and Education

    Whether it’s training for implementation or ongoing support for new corporate staff, facility leaders or general facility staff, Pathway Health has options to suit your needs and budget. Training can be done on-site or remotely through focused webinars. Our custom training plans distinguish the roles within your organization, so your staff will learn exactly how to effectively utilize the system. Enhance your team’s knowledge.

  • Clinical and Financial Optimization

    Our expert consultants provide focused training on how to use your existing clinical and financial EHR modules more efficiently and introduce modules you are not currently utilizing to help your staff achieve full, effective use of your EHR.

    Learn More About Optimization Services

  • EHR Products & Tools

    We offer a variety of products, including:  High Quality Assessments and Care Plan Libraries you can download right into your EHR system. EHR Policy and Procedures – Ensure your policies and procedures are up to date and HIPAA compliant. QuickPath Cheat sheets – Easy to use laminated cheat sheets to help staff with common tasks.

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