ePath implementation largeUtilize your investment to its fullest potential

From assessing needs of a project, process mapping implementation, coordination with key facility staff, training for all aspects of implementation of your EHR software, to completion of a specific implementation process step or all steps, the ePath Project Management Team is there for you every step of the way. Customizing our assistance with project management is pivotal to your success. We can assist you with one or all of the steps to ensure a timely and successful implementation.

Give us a call to review your plan and learn how ePath can assist you through this exciting implementation process!

  • Discovery

    Reviewing your current policies and procedures is a necessary step for a complete EHR implementation. An ePath expert will meet with each department of your team to determine what forms, processes and protocols need to be electronically built, to ensure an effective workflow in your new system.

    During this four- or five-day on-site visit, a trained consultant formulates a complete configuration plan to ensure the new system works in accordance to your guidelines and expectations.

  • Configuration Services – Clinical, Financial and Operations

    Assisting new implementations from the beginning, middle, to end is what we do! Software implementations can be cumbersome when you are trying to implement a new system while continuing to provide great care and services to your customers. Our team of experts understands the unique processes and best practice strategies for a successful implementation. Pathway provides certified, experienced, ePath consultants to manage EHR rollouts in independent facilities or corporate groups.

    Ways we can assist you and your organization:

    • Assess current clinical and/or financial systems – whether paper or electronic – and provide a detailed action plan to transition to your new EHR system
    • Configuration of clinical information, systems and data to your meet organizations needs
      • Clinical Systems
      • Admissions Management
      • Physician Orders
      • eMAR
      • Assessments
      • Care Plans
      • Risk Management
      • Quality Assurance/QAPI
      • And much more
    • Point of Care – kiosk configuration and implementation
    • Configuration of financial and operational information, systems and data customized to your organization
    • Provide training related to specific configuration protocols so you can sustain clinical and financial operations. Leaving an expert in your organization is our trademark!
    • Stalled implementation – our team can assist you no matter where you are in the configuration process
  • End User Training

    Training your team is critical to clinical and operational success. Hallmark to ePath end user training is making your team proficient in EHR utilization and optimization – incorporating all aspects into your day to day operations. Our unique approach to training your team is tailored to your organization and your specific end users. The ePath trainers not only understand the software and all its components, but they are clinical and operational long term experts – not just an IT professional.

    Our training can include all elements of your investment, down to a specific component of the EHR system, in order to ensure staff utilization and positive clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Implementation Rescue

    No matter the size of your organization, a stalled implementation process is a financial and operational challenge. Our team is able to customize our approach to revise the implementation plan, enhance a particular component or process as needed or provide additional onsite/offsite support to ensure success. Quickly assessing where your team and implementation plan is at will determine the necessary services to successfully implement your electronic health record software.

  • Data Entry and Tool/Report Design

    Implementing the electronic health record can be a cumbersome and time intensive process. Many providers are startled by amount of work it takes to enter in resident data, physician orders, etc., during the transition from one documentation system to another. We take that burden away.

    We have dedicated staff that works specifically on the time consuming process of data entry for system set up within all components of your software. In addition, we can design and customize reports, assessments and care plans to ensure optimal performance.

    • Physician Orders
    • Resident Demographics
    • Weights and Vital History etc.
    • Care Plan Libraries
    • Assessment Libraries
    • Customized Reports – dash boards, operations and clinical reports, trending reports
    • Customized Assessments and Clinical Systems
    • Progress Note Design